Consultations in English

Are you challenged by:
  • Life crisis – lack of direction in life?
  • Lack of balance or well-being?
  • Lack of meaning or motivation?
  • Stress reactions?
  • Anxiety about performances or social situations?
  • Vulnerability and frustration?
  • Doubt about your career or your professional direction?
  • Problems in your work life?
  • Problems in your study life?

Then you might consider the benefits of engaging in 1:1 consultations with a confidential psychological consultant. In the consultations you can talk about a theme, a problem or a condition, which is both important and difficult for you.

I am an authorized psychologist, located at Trøjborg near Aarhus University. I offer consultations to international students, PhD Students, Postdocs, and other international employees, who prefer consultations in English.

I am in the network of psychologists within Dansk Krisekorps.

You can contact me for further information at:

Telephone: +45 22 58 00 21
Address: Trøjborgvej 2D, 8200 Aarhus N